Monday, 15 October 2007

new browser

Flock aims to be the "social web browser" - integrating all that f'book, flickr, twitter activity into one handy (hyperactive?) web experience. The rhetoric is hard to follow though - I'll aim to test this later and report back.


Simon Mahony said...

yes - I looked at Flock for my DRHA paper which was arguing for encouraging the use of a personal portal for campus based students to gather together their resources and other stuff all in one place. Ideas that I *borrow* from e-learning research.

Flock was one that I touched on but I had found it all a bit confusing. iGoogle is great and the one I was advocating as a *PLE* ie a DIY (and free) personal portal.

Let me know how you get on with flock.

I've been suggesting iGoogle to the students and many are using it.


Melissa said...

thanks for reminding me - havent had the time to look at this yet. I have to confess the website baffled me totally....