Friday 19 September 2008

Companion to Digital Literary Studies

... is now online, here. Which should save you the £90.25 it currently is going for on Amazon for a physical copy! Well worth a read through to get an overview of how computers have been used to aid in the study and analysis of literature over the past 40? odd years.


William Patrick Wend said...

Thank you for posting about this I am looking forward to checking it out!

dsp128 said...

If you're looking to get a copy of this series (3 separate 60 minute documentaries) including The Mona Lisa Curse, I got a copy from the website below for 10 quid total (GB pounds). Highly recommended

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your post on this book! I've only just discovered your post in the archive just now. As a newcomer to
"digital" humanities, (although i have a degree in English) it would be very interesting to read. Thanks again!