Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Whistle While You Work!

So, its back to work for me today, after 10 (!) months of being on Maternity Leave.

Allow me to post one more soppy picture of The Wee Man afore I gets really started.

Over the next few weeks I'll no doubt post updates and overviews of what I've been up to - and what I plan to get up to in the near future. First off, I have an email mountain to tackle (apologies to those who are waiting on a reply for something).

The last year or so has been a strange time - balancing mummy duties with also keeping my head in gear. Those of you who know me will also know I spent most of 2008 in extreme pain, and it took me six months to learn to walk/move again after pregnancy related damage to my spine and pelvis. Life is, thankfully, approximating towards normal - with the small pirate in tow for added hilarity. Phew. Glad that phase is over.

Right. Here I go, wish me luck....


C. M. Sperberg-McQueen said...

Dagnab it, Melissa, now look what you've done. I've been whistling Walt Disney film music for the last hour. [sigh]

Oh, well. It's made up for by the photo. That is one beautiful child.

Welcome back to wage slavery!

Melissa said...

Thanks Michael. I answered hundreds and hundreds of emails today.... and it felt good.

sad or what! :-)