Monday 7 November 2011

Full Steam Ahead

The people at UCL Discovery are now talking to me, and things are moving forward. I have lots of things ready to go and in the pipeline - which gives me, I reckon, at least one thing to talk about a week on here for the next academic year. I'm also feeding back usability issues to them (like, NO, dont delete the conference paper just because I published a paper in a journal with the same title! YES thats me in that record, even though my name isn't capitalised. NO, Melody Terras who works in Social Sciences at the University of the West of Scotland IS NOT ME).

You can tell I'm delighted by this whole state of affairs, huh?

Seriously, the whole process of sorting out my publication record on the institutional servers/ system is turning out to be a massive timesink. Previously, I had just been keeping a note myself of what I had been up to on my old webpage. That has to go, and I have to generate everything from their database. Which is taking me hours to deal with. Progress!

But, as someone once passive aggressively said to me, "lets move on". Lets talk about what I've been up to - and also, what I'm going to be up to in future. And let's talk about what happens when you tweet something...

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