Thursday, 3 September 2009

Come on Down

Thats me up on the plinth in trafalgar square, that is.

Its going to take me some time to process it all! You can see it again here - I had a great time tweeting and talking and interacting with tweeters from the uk, the states, canada, ireland, australia... quite an experience.

Giving a coherent lecture whilst standing on a narrow bit of rock 8 metres in the air, in the rain and the wind, was more challenging that I thought - I hadnt factured in vertigo to the experience! But I had a fab time. Thanks to all who watched, tweeted, commented, and joined in!

I've taken a couple of hundred photos of people watching me on the plinth. I'll go through them tonight and edit them and post the "best of" soon.

And now... back to normality. (since "reality has jumped the shark", which is something I said that has been endlessly retweeted....)

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