Monday 26 July 2010

Decoding Digital Humanities - Melbourne Chapter

I said in the post below that I would post more details about the Decoding Digital Humanities reading group who will be meeting in Melbourne, Australia, on thurs 29th July, at the Prince Alfred Hotel, 191 Grattan Street, 5.30- 7.30pm. More information here.

They'll be discussing my plenary at DH2010. Gulp.

Decoding Digital Humanities is an informal gathering for those who are interested in all things digital, providing an opportunity to mingle, share ideas, discuss readings and raise questions surrounding the field of digital humanities. If anyone else feels like setting up a Decoding Digital Humanities group at their own institution (the aim would be to do the same readings each month as the London group, and piling in to the discussions online later) then do get in touch with the organisers of the first group, Claire Ross and Kathryn Piquette, here at UCLDH.

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Craig Bellamy said...

I write a report from the Pub meeting we had Melissa. It is on my blog.