Wednesday 21 July 2010

Plenary revisited

Well. Just coming up for air after the excitement that was DH2010.

The video of my plenary is available at, which has been viewed and downloaded (by humans, not bots) around 400 times in the past week.

The plenary made the Times Higher, although the reportage gave it a negative spin, rather than focussing on the positive aspects I suggested throughout. Nevermind - all publicity good publicity, etc - and I appreciate that some of you found the time to pile in and correct the reporter on her tone in the comments below the article. (If I have one comment on the slightly sensational reporting - its that they didnt focus on the fact that I said things about the state of the Humanities at King's, when giving a plenary at a Humanities conference at King's. Surely more of a story? But nevermind! It made the Times Higher!).

Next week the plenary will be discussed at the Decoding Digital Humanities reading (and drinking) group in London. And at the Australian chapter of Decoding Digital Humanities (I will provide a link when I find out more about this). And at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, University of Maryland, staff meeting.

I've had lots of email, and twitter, messages from those who agreed - and vehemently disagreed - with points I made in the plenary. Thanks for all your comments. I am, of course, pleased to discuss any points that anyone would like to make to me, whether on email or via twitter.

I admit that I wasn't expecting all of this! But it is nice when you have worked hard on something (and I worked hard on the plenary - it could have gone horribly wrong to be a relatively young scholar standing up in front of the whole discipline for an hour...) to get a reaction. Thanks for your feedback, and (in general) your support.

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