Friday, 19 June 2009

Last stop on the tour

Greetings from the University of Maryland, where I've just arrived for the Digital Humanities annual conference, and pre-conference meetings. Had a few days off inbetween Victoria and Maryland, kicking about central Washington DC with Husband and the Boy. Now back to work.

While in DC, we did our fair share of seeing as much as the Smithsonian as an 11 month old can take. It was really interesting to see how much use the Smithsonian is making of twitter, flickr, etc - and how much they were promoting it everywhere. Mental note - must get a masters student to do a dissertation on how memory institutions are using "status updates" to communicate with their audience. Now is the time to do it, with so many institutions coming on line. This is "digital ephemera" - in a few years these records will be lost unless we pay attention now.

Will no doubt report some thoughts back from DH...

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