Tuesday, 9 June 2009

On the Road

Greetings from sunny Victoria, British Columbia. I'm here for a week for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute: http://www.dhsi.org/, where there are 150 keen students taking really fascinating short courses on digital humanities. I'm here to give a plenary talk, on digital images. Am slightly jealous that I dont have the time to sit in on any of the courses (again, I wish I was plankton and could split myself in two), but inbetween various guest teaching engagements I will probably get more work done this week than I usually do at home. A combination of jet lag, and being away from household chores and family duties, means being productive at crazy-o-clock.

But today I hope to slip off for an hour and go to the Royal BC Museum, which I missed last time I was in town, in particular to see some First Nation's carvings.

It amused me, though, that I've come 24 hour across the globe away from Bloomsbury, and what is the big exhibition at the moment?.... Treasures from the British Museum!

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