Wednesday, 24 June 2009

whoa, dh09

Just going out to the banquet at DH09, so this will be a quickie. Its been a great conference. Lots of attendees, and a good energy. The stand out thing, though, has to be the amount and detail of blogging going on (see this synposis of my paper. Hmmm, I thought I had at least two or three months to write it up - and here it is already in the blogosphere!) and the overwhelming use of twitter before, in, and after sessions (search tag #dh09. I'm @melissaterras).

Check out the feed whilst it is still rolling - at around 100+ tweets an hour. The challenge for the organisers will be how to archive this resource usefully for future reference!


@EmVicW said...

Coming from the tech/marketing world as I do, its really interesting to see how different communities use twitter and blogging - essentially just how we do!

I have tweeted the link to the blog write up on your paper because I think some of my community could do with remembering we aren't the only ones using these tools!

Melissa said...

thanks, Em! I guess we are still in the tecky domain, albeit academic and sometimes chin strokingly - I wonder how other more traditional academic disciplines use/get these technologies!